Todd Davis - CEO (Twitter)

Todd is an attorney, a former college basketball player, and an all-around sports-lover.  He grew up in Kentucky and has been making his way south ever since.  After stopping in Tennessee for college and Jacksonville, Florida for law school, Todd has settled in Miami where he practices law.  He can often be found making new friends at the local watering hole, and he holds the record on every pop-a-shot basketball game that he has ever come in contact with. Seriously, don't bet with him on those things.

Luis Diz - Chief Business Officer

Ryan Moore - Chief Operating Officer

Craig Emmert - Researcher/Blogger

Craig is a Motown-born former college basketball player who pulls for all Detroit sports teams.  After setting the Michigan High School all-time record for blocks, Craig attended Milligan College in East Tennessee on a basketball scholarship, where he regrettably roomed with our CEO the majority of the time.  He's currently a teacher and coach in Tennessee and pulls for Michigan in college sports, except when he's jumping on the Michigan State basketball bandwagon.

Ryan Thompson - Web Designer

Juan Correa - Web Developer (Web Site)

Talia Playne - General Counsel

We're just a few friends who happen to all be sports fans and love the thrill of watching the game with other fans.  If you're interested in writing for the WhereToWatch blog, click here

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