WhereToWatch.com is a website for locating where to watch your favorite team in any city that you're in.  If your team has a watch party, chances are that you'll find it on our site.  The idea of WhereToWatch.com came from one of our founders, Todd Davis, who often found himself watching his beloved Kentucky Wildcats outside of the Bluegrass state.  He knew there were other members of the Big Blue Nation out there, but had no way of locating or getting in touch with any of them.  This spawned a small blog for Kentucky fans to locate where to watch the game in his area, which, in turn, spawned the idea of this website.  Todd and the other co-founder, Luis Diz, came up with the name for the site on a sunny afternoon where they usually do their best thinking: at a sports bar over a couple of cold beers.  Todd, Lu, and the rest of the team have been working diligently on getting the site launched ever since. 

We're glad you stopped by and care enough to read our story.  Make sure you sign up and keep coming back to locate where to watch your favorite team.  If your team doesn't have a watch party listed in your area, suggest one.  It may simply be that we haven't got to it yet.  We're constantly updating our database, so there will be even more places to watch your team next time you visit.

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