Top 10 Hottest Female Sports Reporters

Let’s face it, whether in the studio or on the sidelines, nowadays women are stealing the screen when it comes to reporting sports news.  In order to capitalize on their mostly-male audience, the nation’s main sports networks have loaded up on attractive reporters.  And who can blame them, I mean, if you have to hear about your favorite player’s torn patellar tendon, you might as well hear it from a ridiculously attractive female.

Although this may seem like a chauvanistic topic, I don’t want to hear one word of gripe from the ladies on this subject–you already have your share of eye candy when it comes to sports.  Argue all you want, but if you’re watching sports, you get to see dozens of men at their physical peak trot out onto the field in skin-tight uniforms, so save the “that’s so sexist” rants for another day. Today is about appreciating the countless hours in the gym put in by these ladies in exchange for thirty seconds of camera time. So in honor of all the hard work these ladies do to make our sports viewing more enjoyable, here is our list of the top ten hottest female sports reporters.  
#10. Nicole Briscoe (ESPN)
Briscoe, who has worked for ESPN since 2008, currently hosts “NASCAR Now” and is a co-host for “NASCAR Countdown,” which air prior to NASCAR races on ESPN.  I have personally seen Briscoe close-up from my adventures at Bristol Motor Speedway, and she definitely deserves to be on this list.  Briscoe gained national attention by co-hosting Speed Channel’s The Speed Report from 2006-2008.  Another fun fact is that Briscoe was a cheerleader with fellow NASCAR hottie Danica Patrick at Hononegah High School in 1996.

Nicole Briscoe

 #9. Charissa Thompson (ESPN)
Thompson is the co-host of Sportsnation with Colin Cowherd shown daily on ESPN, and gives that show an added spark that old Colin can’t provide.  She has previously worked for Fox Sports, Versus, GSN, and the Big Ten Network.  She began her career working for FSN Rocky Mountain doing its weekly news magazine show “Rockies All Access” for the Colorado Rockies.

Charissa Thompson

#8. Lindsay Czarniak (ESPN)
Czarniak is one of ESPN’s newest reporters, joining the network in 2011.  She is probably the most “visable” reporter due to her role on Sportscenter, which airs approximately 27 times per day. Prior to her time with ESPN, Czarniak worked in the Washington D.C. area for NBC4 as one of their main sports anchors and reporters.  She has also reported for TNT’s coverage of NASCAR in 2007 and 2008.

#7. Erin Andrews (Fox Sports)
Considered the original “Goddess” of attractive female sports reporters, Andrews has been doing sideline reporting/broadcasting since 2001.  Early in her career she worked the sidelines for the Atlanta professional teams including the Braves and Hawks.  She was hired by ESPN in 2004 where she got national fame by doing sideline reporting for College Gameday during footfall and basketball season.  She left ESPN in June of 2012 to join FOX, where she helps host a college football show.  She also does sideline reporting for MLB and the NFL. 

#6. Jenn Sterger
Sterger gained national attention at a 2005 Florida State versus Miami game in which the cameras zoomed in on her in the crowd dressed in a cowboy hat, low-cut shirt, and jean shorts, and ABC commentator Brent Musburger famously said, “1,500 red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State.”  She has worked for Sports Illustrated as a writer in which she had a feature in’s “Scorecard Daily.”  She is also infamously known as a sideline reporter for the New York Jets.  She sparked headlines with former Jets quarterback Brett Favre, who allegedly sent her suggestive texts and photos of himself.  In 2011 Sterger worked as a reporter for specials on Fuel TV.

#5. Ines Sainz (Azteca Deportes)
Sainz currently works for CNN en Espanol as well as for Azteca Deportes.  She hosts the Spanish-language sports interview program called DxTips.  She also works in the English language as a boxing match hostess.  An interesting note about her upbringing in Mexico City is that she earned a black belt in taekwondo by the age of fourteen.  She earned her blackbelt in hotness a few years later.  In 2007 Sainz covered Super Bowl XLI (she has covered at least six Super Bowls) to promote U.S. football to the Mexican audience and, according to The Palm Beach Post, was “photographed as much as Payton Manning” while at the game.

#4. Heidi Watney (Time Warner Cable)
Watney began her sports casting career for ESPN radio on AM 1430 KFIG based out of Fresno, California.  She has also spent time working for the Boston Red Sox as the on-field reporter for “The Red Sox Report” and “The Ultimate Red Sox Show” for Boston’s regional sports network NESN.  She currently works as a sideline reporter for Time Warner Cable Net in Los Angeles.

#3. Jenn Brown (ESPN)
Besides being one of the best looking reporters on our list, Brown probably is hands down the best athlete.  While in high school near the Orlando area Brown lettered in fourteen sports and played softball at the University of Florida for four years on a softball scholarship.  Brown currently is ESPN’s main attraction on the College Gameday set for football and basketball.

#2. Leeann Tweeden (Fox Sports West)
Tweeden started out as a Hooter’s hostess before her modeling and sports reporting career took off.  She was named one of the top twenty-five Hooter’s girls of all-time in 2008 by the restaurant franchise.  Tweeden was also a correspondent for Fox Sport Net’s Best Damn Sports Show from 2000-2007.  She currently does the pre and post game coverage for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on Fox Sports West.

#1. Lisa Dergan Podsednik (Fox Sports) 
Dergan got her beginning in the spotlight as Playboy’s playmate of the month in 1998.  She joined Fox Sports Net in 2002 and has interviewed a slew of top notch athletes through the years including Tiger Woods, John Elway and Chuck Liddell.  Since then, she has used the linguistic skills that she learned as a reporter (as well as her hotness) to snag current hubby, Boston Red Sox outfielder Scott Podsednik.

By: Craig Emmert

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