Sign Up For WhereToWatch to Find Where Fans are Watching Your Favorite MLB Team

It’s baseball season and that means another summer of meeting your friends at the bar to watch the game.  Wait, you don’t do that?  You mean to tell me the bars you go to only show local market teams? No. That can’t be true. Check out the list of bars in your area that have MLB Extra Innings so you can catch your team wherever you are.  Even better, check out the bars where fans of your team meet up. 

If a bar for your team isn’t up yet, you can stay up to date with new entries and access the bar listings by signing up here.  Or, you can suggest a bar.  When you sign up, you can see all of the details and review of the bar from other fans, and you’ll be able to do cool things like send directions of the bar straight to your phone.  It’s easy and free.  If you don’t like typing, you can use the facebook option to bypass all the BS. Not that we’re saying our signup process is BS, because it’s really, um, cool. D’oh!…. Just do yourself a favor and signup.

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