Lou’s Locks Final Four Edition – My Money is on That Slick-Haired Coach in Kentucky….

Welcome to the Final Four version of Lou’s Locks. I’m still trying to get over the Gators loss to Louisville. Boy, did they give that one away. Having a root canal without anesthesia would’ve been more pleasant than watching the last five minutes of that game. Well, maybe things happen for a reason; namely that the Gators would’ve probably gone on just to be embarrassed by Kentucky.

Anyway, I believe John Calipari will finally win a championship. After all, 4 billion computer simulations can’t be wrong. One of those slick-haired coaches in Kentucky has to win, and my money’s on Cal over Pitino.  Look for Kentucky to not only win, but easily cover the 8.5 over Louisville. The Cardinals just don’t have the fire power to keep up with UK, just check their offensive efficiency

I do, however, take issue with the computers as to who Kentucky will beat in the Finals. Despite the UK v. UL game hype, the KU v. OSU game will be the best one of the weekend. I see a close game until the end. It can go either way, so take Kansas +2.5 points and you’re going to win, even if OSU pulls off a nail-biter at the end.

Regardless, look for UK and Calipari to win it all. Forget the spread, just bet on the Cats in the Finals. The only thing stopping the Cats from winning is if the rumors of Calipari’s deal with the Devil for recruits is actually true. Absent some supernatural intervention from the dark side, this is his year.

By: Luis Diz

One thought on “Lou’s Locks Final Four Edition – My Money is on That Slick-Haired Coach in Kentucky….

  1. Unless Tim Tebow is suiting up for Louisville, Calipari’s deal with the devil shall only serve to strengthen his chances of a championship this weekend.

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