The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY – Collection From Sports Throughout the Weekend

Giants vs. Cowboys

I was rooting for the underdog on this one.

The Cowboys lost to the Giants on Sunday by a finger. Dez Bryant’s finger, to be exact.

With early mistakes, six turnovers, and Dez Bryant’s fingertips just crossing the white paint, the Cowboys lost a heartbreaking game at home Sunday evening.

Dallas was down 23-0 in the first half with four turnovers in the first 16 minutes. The Giants completed two touchdowns and three field goals before Dallas even sniffed the end zone.

Then Tony Romo decided to show up.

Dallas shut out the Giants offense late in the second and entire third quarter taking the lead (24-23). Twitter and Facebook flooded conversation with the momentum of the game changing to Dallas. The Giants were unable to score a touchdown, but took the lead again (29-24) with two field goals.

With seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, Romo connected with Bryant for what the Cowboys thought was a TD to win the game. With Bryant’s fingertips slightly out of bounds, the touchdown was overturned. Although Romo put up 437 passing yards, over twice as many as Eli Manning recorded for the Giants, the Cowboys still managed to lose and are 0-4 at home versus the Giants.

These are the nail-biting games NFL fans crave.

Oregon vs. Colorado

This box score is just hard to look at.

Oregon might have some of the wackiest uniforms, but their team was solid Saturday afternoon against Colorado. Oregon scored 28 points in the first and second quarters; going into the half 56-0. Colorado completed a whopping 95 passing yards between quarterbacks Hirschman and Webb.

The BAD for Colorado:

  • The Buffaloes now officially sit 124th out of 124 FBS teams when it comes to scoring defense.
  • As a team, Oregon had 617 yards of total offense. (Where was the D?!)

Oregon left the Buffs in pure embarrassment.

Georgia vs. Florida

The legendary game between the Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs took place this past weekend in Jacksonville, Florida at EverBank Field.

The two teams combined for a total of 24 penalties and nine turnovers. UGLY.

The Gators accounted for six turnovers; with the final fumble costing them the game. The play that will be remembered is Jeff Driskel’s throw to Jordan Reed, resulting in a fumble late in the fourth. With tears streaming down his face, Reed felt his mistake cost his team the game, and possibly a shot at a national championship. There were many mistakes that led to the Gators falling out of the Top 5 in the BCS

I chose this matchup as the UGLY for the sole fact that we expected so much more out of the No. 2 and No.10 ranked teams. This showcased how un-ready the Gators are for a possible SEC Championship versus dominant Alabama.

Florida’s Jordan Reed was understandibly upset after unbeaten Florida lost to Georgia on Saturday, possibly derailing their hopes for a national championship.

This was certainly not a “Cocktail Party” for the Florida Gators.

By: Dana Bakich

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