America’s Pastime

There’s something unique about going to a baseball game on a warm summer day or night after a long winter indoors.  Whether it’s the big leagues, a AAA team, college, high school, or Little League, the spirit and originality of the game is always there and hasn’t changed throughout the sport’s rich history.  This past week, Major League Baseball kicked off its season with much fanfare and each team has much optimism for their season.  Even the most casual baseball fans (including myself) tuned in to ESPN on Thursday afternoon and watched a few innings of the games that were on all day long.  Baseball has always been there for America and will continue to be for centuries to come. 

One aspect of the Major League season that is truly unique is the season’s length.  162 games is a long season!  Fans can pick and choose which games they want to go to during the long grueling season as most teams offer mini-season ticket packages which allow fans the opportunity to see their team on multiple occasions, without having to pay for an 81-game package.  I myself already have tickets lined up to see the Reds and Tigers play this June.  I also plan to attend a Tigers game or two later in the summer while visiting family in Michigan. 

With 81 home games, ticket prices for Major League are much cheaper than those of the NFL, NBA, or NHL.  Unless you are planning on attending a large market team such as the Red Sox, Cubs, or Yankees, box seats are not that expensive in comparison to the other four major sports.  A box seat twelve rows from home plate for the Rays vs Tigers on Wednesday at 1:05pm is going for $33.95 on  The beauty of Major League games is that they can often take place in the afternoon and/or evening, almost every day of the week.  In the NFL, games are on the weekend or on primetime Monday and Thursday nights.  The NHL and NBA do not have afternoon matinees throughout the week like Major League baseball.  Being able to leave the office early on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon and catch a game in your city is something all baseball fans love doing.  No other major sport here in the U.S. can offer this to us fans!

The Miami Marlins new stadium is baseball at its finest (plus a few bells, whistles, night clubs, and fish tanks).

The spring/summer weather has a positive effect on fans’ attitudes towards watching baseball outside.  Baseball fans in cold regions of the U.S. are happy to sit outside and catch a Major League game on a warm day when they have been subjected to cold and cloudy weather for the previous five months. Tickets are usually cheaper in these early seasons games due to the cooler temperatures, so if you’re able, catch a game in April or early May and save a few bucks.  On, there was not a single game ticket the rest of April for the Detroit Tigers starting above $10.00.  Marlins fans in South Florida even have cheap ticket prices in April, with only weekend games going over a $10.00 minimum for the month.

Our national pastime has arrived once again and will be here all season.  As sports fans, we have all been stuck inside the last few months watching basketball or hockey, so enjoy the warm weather and catch a Major League game nearest you. 

By: Craig Emmert

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  2. You can easily usually Marlins tickets on stubhub for less than $2 per ticket if you search a few days ahead. With only 37,000, there’s not a bad seat in the house. Or you can hang out in the Bud Zone in center field, or pay $10 and get into the Clevelander with your ticket stub.

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