Where To Watch the 2014 NCAA Tournament

The greatest weekend of the year (in our opinion), is upon us.  48 games in 4 days.  Pretty awesome stuff.  If you’re not attending the games in person, or watching at one of the sports books in Vegas, the next best place to be is with fans of other teams and fans of March Madness.  Use the search tool above to locate where to watch your favorite teams for March Madness this weekend.

Where to Watch the NCAA Tournament and March Madness, 2014 NCAA Tournament.

Locate Where to Watch the NCAA Tournament and March Madness.

Where To Watch Indians Versus Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays come into Cleveland fresh off their 163rd regular season game, which was a do-or-die style game that mimics the Wild Card game that takes place tonight.  The Rays used up ace David Price in that game, so they’ll have to go with the youngster Alex Cobb tonight.

The Indians, on the other hand, come into the game piping hot.  They haven’t lost since September 18; rattling off 10 straight wins during that span.  The last team to do that was the 1971 Baltimore Orioles, who ended up making it all the way to game 7 of the World Series.

The first pitch is at 8:07 PM (ET) and the game airs on TBS. It’s going to be a great game, and you can locate where to watch the Cleveland Indians vs. the Tampa Bay Rays in any city by using the WhereToWatch search tool above.

Sign Up For WhereToWatch to Find Where Fans are Watching Your Favorite MLB Team

It’s baseball season and that means another summer of meeting your friends at the bar to watch the game.  Wait, you don’t do that?  You mean to tell me the bars you go to only show local market teams? No. That can’t be true. Check out the list of bars in your area that have MLB Extra Innings so you can catch your team wherever you are.  Even better, check out the bars where fans of your team meet up. 

If a bar for your team isn’t up yet, you can stay up to date with new entries and access the bar listings by signing up here.  Or, you can suggest a bar.  When you sign up, you can see all of the details and review of the bar from other fans, and you’ll be able to do cool things like send directions of the bar straight to your phone.  It’s easy and free.  If you don’t like typing, you can use the facebook option to bypass all the BS. Not that we’re saying our signup process is BS, because it’s really, um, cool. D’oh!…. Just do yourself a favor and signup.

Selecting the Best Bar for Your Watch Party

Choosing the best sports bar to start a watch party can be a difficult process. There is a variety of criteria that fans should look into when selecting the proper venue. Of utmost importance is the quantity of TV’s that a bar has. Whenever determining where to watch your favorite team, it’s preferable to visit bars that have a minimum of ten high-def televisions, depending on the size of the venue, of course. Should you have a sizable watch party, you’ll undoubtedly need a bar which could accommodate every one of the fans, so space might also be a difficulty.

Another major element is if the sports bar you’re considering will feature the sound of the game. Nobody likes attending their team’s watch parties with 70’s music blaring in the background instead of their team’s announcer. Also, nobody wants to be listening to the Bears game during an Eagles watch party. You’ll probably also need to know if the bar even features your particular game. Maybe your team is playing on an obscure channel, which you’ll want to look up so that you can determine where to watch your team, or if it’s even on an available channel. Some bars have channels that others don’t.

To get a handle on all these factors, you’ll want to call the bar in advance to see if any of your team’s fans are already watching the game there. Alternatively, and more preferable, is having someone in your watch party essentially make an appearance at the bar the week prior to the game. By way of example, Pittsburgh Steelers watch parties are already happening in the majority of towns around the nation, so you can probably just join a watch party that’s already taking place and won’t have to start your own. So, by visiting the bar prior to your game, you might find that there’s currently a Steelers watch party taking place.

In addition, you’ll want to consider what teams that bar supports. You don’t want to go to a Packers bar or a Giants bar when you’re searching for a Seahawks bar. The purpose of starting up a watch party is having all your team’s fans in a single. When determining where to watch a team like the Steelers, attempt a key word search like “where to watch Steelers” and enter in the name of the area. You’ll likely find a Steelers bar near you showing your team. Whoever you speak to at the sports bar will probably be able to answer this as well.

Determining just the right bar to start your own watch party doesn’t take just as much effort as you may think, but it takes some time. So, when identifying where to watch your favorite team, make sure you consider: the quantity of TV’s a bar has, whether the bar is going to have the sound of your game, whether or not the bar gets the channel you’re looking for, and if your team or any other team has already been holding watch parties at that bar. As mentioned, doing a good keyword search for where to watch your selected team can also be useful also. Best of luck in locating or starting a watch party for your favorite team. If all else fails, just check out our website and see if your team already has a watch party.  We’re adding teams and bars daily, so keep checking back.