Sports Bars With NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Network

So it’s Sunday afternoon and all you want to do is watch your team.  You flip on the TV only to find that the local TV station is not showing your game. Really, they’re showing the Bills and the Chiefs? Riveting stuff. Well, if you’re a true fan, you’re going to have to take off those slippers, put on some pants, and get out there with the rest of society at a sports bar. Trust us, it’ll do you some good. 

NFL Sunday Ticket

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So now, you’re going to want to locate the sports bars with NFL Sunday Ticket in your area so that you’re not just driving from bar to bar. Well, you’re search just got a lot easier. Just click on the link above to find sports bars with NFL Sunday ticket, which, if you didn’t know, show pretty much all of the NFL games.  Alternatively, just check out and search for “NFL” and “Sunday Ticket” and… voila! We know, it’s like magic. 

Or maybe it’s Thursday and the NFL is showing the weekly game on its exclusive NFL Network. That’s no problem, just click here for a list of the sports bars with NFL Network in your area.  Clicking the links above will show the bars right in your area with NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Network, as our website picks up your location through your IP address.  Pretty fancy stuff, huh?  Well, if for some reason your IP address is wrong or you’re looking for bars in advance, just do a general search on our sports bar locator tool for NFL Sunday Ticket or NFL Network.

If you want to take it a step further and see where fans of your team are meeting to watch the game, do a search for a specific team.  So, you’re a New York Giants fan living in Miami? No problem.  A Pittsburgh Steelers fan living in Los Angeles? We’ve got you covered.  Our sports bar locator is nationwide and with our ratings system, you can hear from other fans about how good (or bad) the team’s crowd is at the bar. 

Did we miss a sports bar with NFL Sunday Ticket or NFL Network? Let us know about it by suggesting a bar here for sports fans, or here for sports bar owners and managers.  or email us at  Happy football watching!

Jacksonville Jaguars are Shaking it Up

There’s a lot going on with the Jacksonville Jaguars at the moment.  Earlier this morning, long-time head coach Jack Del Rio was fired after 8 1/2 seasons with the Jaguars, where he had a 68-70 record.  During that span, the Jaguars only made the playoffs twice–in 2005 and 2007–where the Jags went 1-2.  The Jaguars are currently 3-8 and have no mathematical shot at winning the AFC South.  Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker will take over on an interim basis.

Also, in what is likely related to the firing of Del Rio, the Jaguars have reportedly been sold to a new owner.  Long-time owner Wayne Weaver sold the team to Shalid Khan, who tried to buy the St. Louis Rams last season.  Khan, who was born in Pakistan and graduated from the University of Illinois, owns an auto-manufacturing company called Flex-N-Gate that has manufacturing plants in three continents.  Khan has stated that he has no intention to move the Jaguars to Los Angeles, although there has been speculation about such a move for years. 

Although Los Angeles has been clamoring for a professional team ever since the Raiders left, the Jaguars may not be in the position to make the move.  In February 2009, the Jaguars entered a lease agreement with the city of Jacksonville for a 20-year term where they agreed to split naming and advertising revenue with the city 75/25.  So, despite the low attendance, the Jags may be hanging around Duval County, Florida for a while.