Vikings and Giants Sports Bars – Monday Night Football

The Vikings come into MetLife Stadium with a new quarterback and hungry for their second win.  Look for a heavy dose of Adrian Peterson from Minnesota as their young quarterback gets familiar with the playbook.

On the other side, the Giants are off to an awful start and looking for their first win of the season.  Eli Manning looks to rebound from leading the NFL in interceptions.  If something doesn’t change tonight, Archie may not even trust him to pass the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner.  And the woes continue for the G-Men, they’re relegated to starting their third-string running back as both David Wilson and Brandon Jacobs are out for this one.  Let’s hope New York can put four quarters together starting Monday night.

If you’re looking for a sports bar to watch the game with other Vikings or Giants fans, do a quick search on our site and find the bar rated the highest for your team.  If you don’t feel like getting out tonight, do your fellow fans a favor and rate your favorite bar to watch your team. And rest assured that your rating counts–each bar receives a specific rating for each team you search for.

Sports Bars With NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Network

So it’s Sunday afternoon and all you want to do is watch your team.  You flip on the TV only to find that the local TV station is not showing your game. Really, they’re showing the Bills and the Chiefs? Riveting stuff. Well, if you’re a true fan, you’re going to have to take off those slippers, put on some pants, and get out there with the rest of society at a sports bar. Trust us, it’ll do you some good. 

NFL Sunday Ticket

Locate Sports Bars With NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Network easily on

So now, you’re going to want to locate the sports bars with NFL Sunday Ticket in your area so that you’re not just driving from bar to bar. Well, you’re search just got a lot easier. Just click on the link above to find sports bars with NFL Sunday ticket, which, if you didn’t know, show pretty much all of the NFL games.  Alternatively, just check out and search for “NFL” and “Sunday Ticket” and… voila! We know, it’s like magic. 

Or maybe it’s Thursday and the NFL is showing the weekly game on its exclusive NFL Network. That’s no problem, just click here for a list of the sports bars with NFL Network in your area.  Clicking the links above will show the bars right in your area with NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Network, as our website picks up your location through your IP address.  Pretty fancy stuff, huh?  Well, if for some reason your IP address is wrong or you’re looking for bars in advance, just do a general search on our sports bar locator tool for NFL Sunday Ticket or NFL Network.

If you want to take it a step further and see where fans of your team are meeting to watch the game, do a search for a specific team.  So, you’re a New York Giants fan living in Miami? No problem.  A Pittsburgh Steelers fan living in Los Angeles? We’ve got you covered.  Our sports bar locator is nationwide and with our ratings system, you can hear from other fans about how good (or bad) the team’s crowd is at the bar. 

Did we miss a sports bar with NFL Sunday Ticket or NFL Network? Let us know about it by suggesting a bar here for sports fans, or here for sports bar owners and managers.  or email us at  Happy football watching!

This Giants Fan Can’t Wait to See . . . Mark Sanchez?

The day after the Super Bowl, this Giants fan can’t wait to see . . . Mark Sanchez?  Me neither honey.  He’s sooo dreamy.  And especially after being named Super Bowl MVP!–wait, what?  He doesn’t play for the Giants?  Well, then I can’t wait to see . . . Tom Brady! Woo!  What’s that?  Well, who the hell is their quarterback?  Manning? No, no, he plays for the Colts, everyone knows that.


Lu’s Locks – NFC and AFC Championship Edition

Well, we are down to the NFL’s final four. The only remaining surprise to me is the 49ers.  I had them falling to the more playoff-experienced Saints last week (and they nearly did–what a game).

I’ve been wrong on these guys before, but I have the 49ers going down again. The Giants could be the hottest team in the NFL right now (albeit, there are only four teams). They are very complete on both sides of the ball.  Assuming Eli stays healthy, this is the LOCK OF THE WEEKEND. Take the Giants -2.5.

The only other team that could be hotter than the Giants are the Patriots (I think they just scored again as I’m writing this). Also, out of all the winning teams last week, the Ravens looked the least impressive. They were lucky to have payed at home against the Texans. I think they would’ve lost to a team with just a bit more talent than Houston.

The Ravens are also having internal issues between the offense and defense. My momma told me to never bet on a team with problems inside their own locker room, and I’m not starting this week. Take the Patriots to cover 7.  That’ll do it for this week.  Good luck!

By: Luis Diz