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I'm an attorney/entrepreneur currently living and practicing law in Miami. Being a lawyer is great, but my true passion is sports. My interest in sports and the move away from the mecca of college basketball, Kentucky, prompted me to start WhereToWatch.com, a website for locating where to watch your favorite sports team in any city. Now I get to watch every UK game with other fans that are as crazy as me, even while I'm in Miami. My Google Profile+ You can go to any sports bar, so why not go to one where everyone is cheering for your team? I hope you'll stop by the site and give it a look. Thanks for checking out my profile!

Where To Watch the 2014 NCAA Tournament

The greatest weekend of the year (in our opinion), is upon us.  48 games in 4 days.  Pretty awesome stuff.  If you’re not attending the games in person, or watching at one of the sports books in Vegas, the next best place to be is with fans of other teams and fans of March Madness.  Use the search tool above to locate where to watch your favorite teams for March Madness this weekend.

Where to Watch the NCAA Tournament and March Madness, 2014 NCAA Tournament.

Locate Where to Watch the NCAA Tournament and March Madness.

Where To Watch The 2014 Super Bowl

Would you rather hang out in a bar filled with Broncos fans or with Seahawks fans? If you’re a fan of a specific team, make sure that you watch the Super Bowl this Sunday with other fans of your team.

Where To Watch the 2014 Super Bowl
Where To Watch the 2014 Super Bowl

Peyton Manning fans don’t want to show up to a bar where they’re serving “ducks” as the special. And Richard Sherman fans don’t want to hear see people wearing Crabtree jerseys.  Make sure you check out the search bar above to locate where to watch the Super Bowl in your city.

What Makes A Great Sports Bar

We often talk about the best sports bars from a fans perspective and the attributes that make them great.  Great food, tons of TV’s, having the sound on of the big game, and a personable and attractive staff, to name a few.  We’re also very high on bar expert Jon Taffer (from Bar Rescue), who knows a thing or two about getting butts in seats when it comes to bars.  Here’s a little insight from Jon on why some sports bars float and some sink:

Where To Watch The Red Sox and Cardinals in the World Series

Locate where to watch the 2013 World Series with other fans.

Locate where to watch the 2013 World Series with other fans.

The “Fall Classic” is back and it’s a repeat of the 2004 meeting between the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals.  Nine years ago, the Sox swept the Cards in the World Series.  The two teams are very similar and this is the first time since 1999 that the two teams with the best record in their leagues have made the World Series.

Game 1 is Wednesday night at 7:07 (EST) in Boston and airs on Fox.  Check out where to watch the Cardinals and Red Sox with other fans of your team in any city by using the WhereToWatch search tool above.

Vikings and Giants Sports Bars – Monday Night Football

The Vikings come into MetLife Stadium with a new quarterback and hungry for their second win.  Look for a heavy dose of Adrian Peterson from Minnesota as their young quarterback gets familiar with the playbook.

On the other side, the Giants are off to an awful start and looking for their first win of the season.  Eli Manning looks to rebound from leading the NFL in interceptions.  If something doesn’t change tonight, Archie may not even trust him to pass the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner.  And the woes continue for the G-Men, they’re relegated to starting their third-string running back as both David Wilson and Brandon Jacobs are out for this one.  Let’s hope New York can put four quarters together starting Monday night.

If you’re looking for a sports bar to watch the game with other Vikings or Giants fans, do a quick search on our site and find the bar rated the highest for your team.  If you don’t feel like getting out tonight, do your fellow fans a favor and rate your favorite bar to watch your team. And rest assured that your rating counts–each bar receives a specific rating for each team you search for.